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 "Heidi" crosses back to "Dixeland's Rusty HOF" 18 times.  Through "FC AFC Alexander's Dancing Dream JH", "Alexander Azreag Wildman" , "FC Dixeland's Luke" , "FC AFC Rusty's Blue Earth Rexx", and many other dogs throughout her pedigree. She contains all of the qualities we strive for in a dog. Beautiful and intense style on point, the drive to go above and beyond in the field and the biddability to do what is asked of her when needed. She also was a perfect mother with her first litter. Raising nine healthy puppies with not one visable runt.


Triple Shots Royal Flush "Rowdy" is a direct son to "NFC/FC 7x CH Tonelli's Rising Sun". Sunny was the perfect combination of hunt and family dog. Everyone who has "Sunny" dogs always comment on how personable each dog was. Rowdy carries that trait as well. Rowdy has the light switch to go from a no nonsense field dog, to a dog that will relax on the couch once the day in the field is over. Rowdy's pedigree speaks for itself and is laced with dogs that account for some of the top dogs in the nation. We have a limited supply of frozen semen as Rowdy has since passed. He is only available for AI breeding . Frozen - $600 per breeding.


Lily is owned by Mr. Cary Waterhouse, our friend from NSTRA LST region. Heidi and Lily share much of the same lineage on their top side. We are excited to help promote Lily's upcoming litter, here at Diamond E Gundogs.


"Beshear Tiger Lily, a black and white shorthair, crosses back to "Dixieland's Rusty HOF" 11 times, having "FC AFC Alexander's Dancing Dream JH on both the top and bottom of her pedigree. While heavy in Moesgaard breedings, Lily also has Wasserschling and Greif lines, as well as 18 appearances of "Windy Hill Prince James HOF." She passed the first leg of her AKC Junior Hunter and was introduced to NSTRA during the fall of 2013. In her fourth NSTRA trial, she took 1st place in the Amateur and qualified for the Lone Star Regional Championship, in which she finished as 5th Runner up in the Final 6. Lily has hunted and retrieved doves, ducks, quail, chukar, and pheasant. She is extremely calm in the house and absolutely bird crazy in the field. A breeding is currently being planned for the Spring of 2015 with a 4X NSTRA Champion stud."

-Cary Waterhouse

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